Is it cruel to have a house cat?

3 09 2011

Some would argue that having a house cat is cruel as it is in the cats nature to go outside, while others will disagree and argue that letting your cat outside is being irresponsible and uncaring. This argument has been going on for some time and

Indoor cat vs outdoor cat

Is it cruel to have a house cat?

below I will tell you what I think.

From my experience, all cats are different and while some are alright with being inside all day others will complain about it. A general rule of thumb that I would follow is, if you cat hasn’t been outside yet it doesn’t know what it is missing and as long as it has a place to sleep safely, many toys and a scratching post it will be fine indoors. Although if the cat that you are planning to get has lived a previous life outdoors I wouldn’t be surprised if it missed its old life and I would recommend that you let it roam freely outside, if it wishes too. If you still haven’t gotten a cat and are debating over if you should let it leave the house I would recommend that you ask where the staff at the place where you are planning to get your cat if it was previously a outdoor cat or not. If you would like to keep your cat indoors be sure not to get a previously outdoor cat.

Indoor Cat vs Outdoor Cat

Cons of an indoor cat:

Doesn’t get to experience the great outdoors.

Cons of an outdoor cat:

Might bring unwanted “presents” to your house
It’s much more dangerous for the cat, especially if you live in a crowded area or near a highway
Might get pregnant if not spayed

The choice is yours, if you want more information about cats I would recommend you take a look at this eBook.

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Why does my cat headbutt me?

3 09 2011

Cats often rub there cheeks, chins and bodies on furniture located in there territory. They don’t do this because they enjoy the feeling but because their scent glands are located in there mouth, forehead, lips and chin. When your cat rubs itself on a piece of furniture or an item it’s leaving its scent on the item. Whenever they smell the item again they will recognize it as there own, they will now know that no other cat has passed the area and can feel safe this is also used to warn other cats that this is their territory and to stay out. Although this still doesn’t explain why your cat might be rubbing itself on you, below I have listed several reasons as too why your cat might be headbutting you.

  • Your cat is head butting you to communicate.
  • Your cat is leaving his scent on you.
  • Your cat wants to be pet!

Cats communicate with us in several ways these can include facial expressions and especially body language. When your cat is constantly rubbing itself against you it’s asking for your attention. If your cat is happy and affectionate their is a higher chance of it headbutting and greeting you. Although some cats have different ways to communicate with there owner and every cat has its own personality so don’t worry if your cat isn’t constantly rubbing against you.

Lastly your cat might be rubbing itself against you in attempt to claim you as its “property” you should feel honored that your cat likes you enough to invite you into their personal club.

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