Stop your cat from peeing everywhere and teach it to use a litter box.

3 09 2011

So you have brought your cat home and now you need to teach your cat to use its litter box, for most this is a simple process, but not for all below I will provide a few steps that I recommend you take when teaching your cat to use its

Teach your cat to use its litter box

Cat using its litterbox

litter box.

  1.  Move your cats litter box somewhere out in the open where it can easily find it, usually cats will naturally start using their litter box.
  2. If your cat doesn’t start using its litter box put its poop in the litter box and make sure it sees you doing it, hopefully it will get the idea.
  3. Everyday gradually move there litter box to where you would prefer it to be.
  4. Once the litter box is in the spot you would like it to be you can consider your cat potty trained. 😀

Quick tip: I almost forgot to mention that most cats dislike having their food near their litter box, wouldn’t you?

For some it’s a tougher process and their cat doesn’t use its litter box this can be for several reasons, I would strongly recommend you take a look at this eBook for more information.

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 – Good luck! 


What to do once you have got your cat

3 09 2011

So you have finally brought home your first cat, although have no idea what to do now? Many new owners are put into this position. Firstly I would recommend you put several boxes around your house this gives the cat a place to hide and feel safe in. All cats are different and depending on their age and personality can react differently to their new environment, while older cats might be afraid and hide younger ones might be excited and playful. I would recommend when you first release your cat from its cage/box you leave it alone in a small room, this could be a washroom or a bedroom. Let the cat think about the situation, remember to leave food and their litter box in the area. later you can open the door and let them explore their new house if they are still afraid give them time, it can take a week or more for some cats to build up the courage of letting you pet them, while others will give you permission on the first day. Remember not rush your new cat into anything and don’t start bothering them wait for them to bother you!

Once your cat feels more familiar with its new territory you should start litter training it. I would recommend you check out my “tutorial” here.

If you would like EVEN MORE cat tips I would recommend you check out this eBook.

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